Is President Bush a Moral Person?

I recently had an e-mail exchange with a good friend who views the recent popularity of
the Democrats as “a sign of the last days for sure,” and claimed that “Bush, at least, has

Isn’t it about time we joined the rest of the country by waking up from our hopeful
dreams regarding the current administrationfi Anyone who starts a war on false pretenses
against a country that posed no threat to us and then throws any suspected terrorists in
prison and condones torturing them without the hope of a trial or due process is hardly a
moral person in my book. This sounds more like Hitler or Stalin than the president of the
United States.
If Bush loves America so much, why has he changed more of its laws than all other
presidents of the United States combinedfi Many of these changes are clearly directed at
destroying our constitutional rights instead of protecting them. Come on people. I’m a
Republican too, but enough is enough.

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