Is President Bush Guilty of Wrongdoing?

It’s hard to understand why this presidency is so reluctant to turn over documents and
allow some of their staff to testify. They seem to be a lot like those suspects we see on
TV that won’t take lie detector tests or allow searches of their homes without a warrant.
Clearly they’re hiding things that they don’t want us to know. Otherwise they would
provide full cooperation to prove their innocence.

In the case of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, I think there’s an easy solution
to this problem. All we have to do to find out whether or not this presidency has been
guilty of any wrongdoing is to employ some of the tactics they’ve used while governing
this country. First we wiretap their phones, offices and homes without official
authorization. If that doesn’t prove their guilt then we send them to the Guantanamo Bay
prison without due process or legal representation and torture them until they confess all
of their inappropriate actions. I think that should pretty much take care of it.
Isn’t it about time we started putting pressure on our republican leaders to assist the
democrats in going after these guys?

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